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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Decorate Your Yard With Inflated Spirits This Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner.  It is never to early to begin planning your decorations for those great Halloween parties.  Even if you just want to delight the little trick or treaters in your neighborhood, the right decorations are the key to success.
I personally like to pick a theme every year and create a whole scene in my yard.  I have done creepy cemeteries with ghosts and witches.  I managed to find a cemetery gate which I placed at the front of the yard.  I then placed cemetery fencing around the rest of the yard.
After putting up the gate and the fencing I began to lay out my graveyard. I used tombstones and various ghosts.  I had peeking ghosts, hanging ghosts and ghosts that lit up.  It delighted all the trick or treaters that came to our house that year.  People even posed for pictures in front of the cemetery gate.
The best way to get started is to choose a theme and decide upon a centerpiece for your theme.  I have found that Halloween inflatables make a great centerpiece for your yard decorating.  Here we will explore some great inflatables that you can use to build your theme around. 

Halloween Haunted Ghost Train

This inflatable Halloween Train would make a great centerpiece.  It would work in a cemetery setting.  The Skeleton Train Conductor is delivering this newly deceased ghost and tombstone to his place in the cemetery.

Imagine this twelve foot tall Headless Horseman as a centerpiece of your Haunted Yard.  I would a few lighted spooky trees and some jack o'lanterns.  Give your yard the feeling of a creepy wooded lane. Your guests will imagine that flaming jack o'lantern being hurled at them. 
This outdoor weatherproof Spooky Willow Tree would be perfect to go with your Headless Horseman Theme.  It is wrapped top to trunk in long lasting orange lights. The level of detail makes this Willow Tree a very realistic Halloween Prop.  Now just add some evil looking jack o'lanterns and your yard will be a hit!
Now we can switch themes and go from scary to adorable!  Disney themes are always popular with the kids.  This inflatable Mickey and Minnie Mouse Peek a Boo Tree could serve as a perfect centerpiece for a Disney themed yard.
Add some of these lighted Mickey, Minnie & Pluto Pathway Markers along your walk. 
Add a few Jack O'lanterns to your theme.  You can even add this inflatable Mickey Mouse Jack O'Lantern to further incorporate Disney into your decorating scheme.
The last theme we will explore here is the Haunted Pirate Ship.  This lighted 7 foot Inflatable Pirate Ship complete with Skeleton Crew would make a bloody good center for your theme.
Add a couple of these creepy dead Pirates and you have a scary Pirate themed ocean on your lawn.
Scatter a few skulls around and your done.
If one of these themes is not what you had in mind, just create one of your own.  Your imagination is your limit. Be creative and you will be thrilled with the results.  Happy decorating!

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