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Friday, August 29, 2008

Labor Day Signals the End of Summer

Well here it is the last waning days of summer. School is back in session and Labor Day is upon us. Labor Day brings a goodbye to summer and an anticipation for things ahead like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Labor Day is actually a holiday for workers. It signifies the economic and social gains workers have made.

In most countries Labor Day is celebrated on May 1st and is called May Day. It orginated with a movement for the 8 hour day. Eight hours for work, eight hours for play and eight hours for sleep.

Anway it is a great holiday. You don't have to cook a large meal, dress up or buy gifts. So if you think that is a plus it's the holiday for you! Personally I like it.

I love Halloween and here at C & P Treasures, we are getting ready to list some great Halloween items. We have costumes, decorations, flags, inflatables and lots of other great things. Keep reading this blog to hear my scariest experience ever! I will tell you about it when Halloween gets a little closer. I would love to hear everyone else's scariest experience too.

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