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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Decorate Your Kids Room With a Great Theme

It can be easy and fun to decorate a child's room. With a little imagination, you can give them a room they will love.

When my niece was younger she loved dogs. She loved the movie "101 Dalmatians". She even loved the live action one. Unfortunately, I did not share her view. Anyway, we decided to fix her room up as a surprise. I bought a 101 Dalmatians comforter for her bed. It was very cute. It had Lucky the pup and was trimmed with bones.

I bought some wall border which had puppies and kittens. We did two of her walls with the wall border. I also found some 101 Dalmatians wall stencils. We stenciled a doghouse and some colorful bones around it on one wall.

I also found a used 101 Dalmatians clock on Ebay which I bought for not much of anything. The clock was a great touch.

I bought some plain blue curtains to match the blue in the comforter. We added further touches by hanging a wall shelf and placing little dog figurines on the shelf. My niece used to buy these little figurines at garage sales and as it turned out they made great decorations for her room.

She loved the room and it was very cute. The best thing was it didn't cost much money. We just tied everything in to match the comforter.

Of course she is a teenager now and the dogs are long gone. But I still miss them!

If you are thinking of decorating your child's room in a theme, C & P Treasures has some great comforter sets. Check them out.

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Cars Lightning McQueen Twin Comforter & Sheet Set

Spongebob Squarepants Twin Comforter

Tinker Bell Twin Comforter

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