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Unique Affordable Halloween Costumes For Grown Ups

Will You Be My Ghoul? 

Halloween Couples Costume Ideas

Halloween is not just for kids.  Next to Christmas Halloween is the most popular holiday.  And why not, it is full of ghoulish fun, scary delights, parties and treats. 

Halloween believe it or not, can be a very romantic holiday.  What's better than planning a costume theme for you and your sweetie.  A lot of guys really get into the dress up.

You can use it for some sexy role playing!  Or you can choose costumes that are just fun.  A night out at a Halloween party with your significant other can be fun and exciting.  It is a chance to break loose, become someone else and have a great time.

We have searched for some of the best couples costumes.  Here are some of our favorites for Halloween 2013.
The Munsters Lily Munster Adult Womens Costume

 Lily Munster

The Munsters Herman Munster Adult Costume

Herman Munster

Herman and Lily Munster

If you have ever wanted to suck the life out of him and he has been a beast then Herman and Lily Munster would be a great costume pairing for you.  The undead Lily just loves her Monster of a husband even if he loses his head sometimes!

I Dream of Jeannie Adult Womens Costume
I Dream of Jeannie Adult Womens Costume

Orange Astronaut Adult Mens Costume
Orange Astronaut Adult Mens Costume

Jeannie and Major Nelson
What man hasn't wanted a beautiful blonde Jeannie to call him Master and do his bidding.  Even though he thinks he is the master Jeannie knows she is really the one in control.  Major Nelson and Jeannie from the hit series I Dream of Jeannie is a great costume or fantasy role play choice.
Toy Story Woody Classic Adult Mens Costume
Toy Story Jessie Deluxe Adult Womens Costume 
Yee Haw!  You can be everybody's favorite Toy Story Couple Woody and Jessie.  They make the perfect cowboy and cowgirl couple.  The kids will love this one.  You could combine it with other Toy Story costumes for a group costume theme also. Great family idea.
Heaven Sent Angel Adult Womens Costume
Hells Reaper Adult Costume
Hells Reaper Adult Costume

Angel and Hell Reaper
He's Hells Reaper. Comes from the bowels from Hell to steal some souls.  But she is here an Angel from Heaven to protect those souls from the Reaper.  These dark and light costumes would be a great and unique idea for costume parties.
Walking Dead Rick Grimes Adult Mens Costume
Walking Dead Bunny Slipper Girl Adult Womens Costume
Nothing is hotter than Zombies and The Walking Dead.  This Walking Dead Rick Grimes Costume will be great paired with the Women's Zombie Girl Costume.  Delightfully creepy.  Makes an unusual combo for a couples costume.
I Love Nerds Adult Womens Costume
Nerd Adult Mens Costume
We love this idea of the Nerds Couple Costume!  Turn your he man into a nerd.  You will be the beautiful, brainy nerd lover.  At the end of the night he will be a he man once again.  A fun and unusual couple costume pairing.
Disney 3-Piece Beast Adult Mens Costume
Become the couple in Disneys timeless fairytale Beauty and the Beast.  This beautiful ballgown will transform you into a beautiful princess.  He will be the Beast of your dreams.  If you play your cards right your Beast will turn into a handsome prince at the end of the ball.  If not, you will still have had a lot of fun!

Anime Lion Adult's Costume
Showstopper Ringmaster Adult Womens Costume
Lady Lion Tamer

Lion and Lion Tamer

He is a dangerous stalking lion and you are the sexy siren with a whip who is going to tame him.  This is a great unique costume pairing. You can have fun with this theme at a costume party or just between you and him!

Miss Muffet Adult Womens Costume
             Miss Muffet
Creepy Black Spider Adult Mens Costume
Adult Spider

Miss Muffet and Spider
Little Miss Muffet set on a tuffet eating her curds and whey.  But when your spider comes along he doesn't scare you away.  This combination is sexy and humorous.  A unique pairing for that Halloween costume contest.
Lone Ranger Mens Costume
Lone Ranger Sassy Tonto Adult Womens Costume
Sassy Tonto

Lone Ranger and Tonto
Who was that masked man?  Just because the movie was a flop don't mean you won't be a big hit in this Lone Ranger and Tonto pair.  Only sexy Tonto knows who is behind that mask.  Great choice for your costume party.
Corpse Countess Adult Womens Costume
Corpse Count Adult Men's Costume
             Corpse Count

Corpse Count and Countess
This is one of our favorite couple costumes.  The ghostly Count and Countess are together in death as they were in life. They are both elegant and scary.  Attend your party from the other side looking regal. 
Snow White and the Huntsman Queen Ravenna Adult Womens Costume
Snow White & the Huntsman Huntsman Adult Mens Costume
Huntsman Costume

Queen Ravenna and Huntsman
Let your evil side out this Halloween Evil Queen Ravenna will do anything to be the fairest in the land.  The hunky Huntsman is her perfect partner.  This is a great couple choice. You can also go the other way and chose Snow White instead of Ravenna to pair with the Huntsman.  We just prefer the Evil Queen.
Oz The Great and Powerful Flying Baboon Deluxe Adult Mens Costume
       Deluxe Flying Baboon
Oz The Great and Powerful Wicked Witch Of The West Deluxe Womens Costume

Wicked Witch of the West

Flying Baboon and Wicked Witch
You just become the Wicked Witch of the West and he is your wicked henchman The Flying Baboon.  Those flying monkeys terrified me when I was a youngster!  So this combination is wicked and scary pair.  They are both from the Disney hit movie Oz the Great and Powerful.  We are sure you will be a hit too.

Since it is Halloween we will end on our lucky thirteen.  We have many more great couple costume possibilities. Browse around and create some of your own possibilities.  The choices are limitless.  From humorous to ghoulish, you will find the perfect costume for you and your mate.

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