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Planning A Halloween Party Decorating And Supplies


Standing Animated Pirate
Fall is here and its time to start thinking about all those fun Halloween parties. Who doesn't love a great Halloween party?  The food, the costumes and all the scary fun.  A great Halloween party leaves an impression in your guests minds long after it is over. 
The key to a great Halloween party is choosing a theme that sets the mood you wish to create.  Your theme can be fun or scary.  Let us help you with a few ideas.
We found this really great animated pirate.  He moves and his skull lights up as he makes scary sounds.  He is motion activated so he will surprise your guests. 
Watch the video below to see him in action.

Animated Halloween Props are always fun to surprise your guests.  When placed in unexpected corners, they provide a spooky little surprise for unsuspecting guests.  It is always great to get a few screams at your Halloween party.
Check out the other really cool animated Halloween Props below.
Spell Speaking Witch Spell Speaking Witch
Who knows what kind of incantations will be cast on Halloween when you decorate with this Spell Speaking Witch. With several spooky sayings; one must be careful not to get in the way of this powerful

Sickening Reaper Sickening Reaper
Make your guests believe that death is after them when you strategically place this Sickening Reaper decoration. Approach with caution because this spooky prop will startle any onlooker with the


Zombie Girl Swing Animated Prop Zombie Girl Swing Animated Prop
Something went very wrong at recess - this Zombie Girl on a swing may look innocent but she is possessed and no longer of this world. Hang her indoors and watch what happens when the sound activated

Click on the pictures to learn more about these items or to see other scary choices.


One of the coolest things I have seen for 2013 is this AtmosFEARfx Ghostly Apparitions DVD.


                                       Click to Learn More About the AtmosFEARfx DVD
AtmosFEARfx Ghostly Apparitions DVD
 Comments from one reviewer
I just got Ghostly Apparitions and it is AMAZING! I have all their other products, and this one is my new favorite! I was testing it out last night at like 11pm by projecting it through my window, and looking at it from the outside to see if it looked realistic. At the same time, a couple guys on bikes were riding by and I heard one of them go to the other 'Dude, look a ghost, hey look! It's a ghost.'
Bats Mantle Scarf
For a fun and affordable touch, this Bats Mantle Scarf has stunning black lace and sets the scene for spooky fun.  Click the link to find out more.
3 Skull Gothic Candelabra
No Haunted House is complete without a spooky candelabra for your table or your mantle.  This candelabra features 3 gothic skulls.  Click the link to see more detail.
String Lights With Spooky Gauze
This spooky gauze with purple string lights is a perfect touch for your stairs, windows or doorways.  Click the link to learn about decorating with lighted gauze.
Pick Your Poison Drinking Game
This game is a great Halloween party game.  It is a new twist on spin the bottle, Pick Your Poison a fun drinking game that will have you screaming.  Six 2 ounce shot glasses, random light flashes and assorted screams add to the fun of this game. Click here to learn how to play
Skull Terror Ultimate Kit-N-Kaboodle Kit
Don't forget the party supplies.  This Skull Terror Ultimate Party Supplies Pack has everything you need.  Tableware, decorations, balloons, favors, activities and cake supplies. 

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