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Affordable Boys Halloween Costume For 2013

Halloween is just around the corner so it is not too early to look for that perfect costume.  The early shopper is never disappointed by that Out of Stock message.  We believe you can get a great costume your child will love without breaking the bank.  We have assembled some costumes we believe are awesome!  They also have awesome prices.

This is a few of our choices for boy's costumes.  Check back weekly to see new additions.

If he is a fan of the Skylanders Spyro Video Game he is sure to love this Deluxe Spyro Costume.  This energetic purple dragon is known for his cocky attitude and his ability to breathe fire.  Click the link above for more details.
Not only will he be a Superhero but he will Light Up with this Deluxe Light Up Superman Costume.  Superman costumes are hot this year due to the popularity of the new Superman movie.  This muscle costume is classic Superman.  The S on the chest lights up.  Click the link for more details.
If he would love to be the villain who attempt to turn earth into Krypton then this Deluxe Zod Costume is the choice for him.  Zod is the main villain from the Man of Steel Superman movie.  This costume replicates the outfit from the film. Click the link above for details.
This Deluxe Muscle Light Up Iron Man Mark Vi Muscle Costume features realistic details.  The cool feature of this costume is the light up chest repulsor which makes this the most realistic of all the Iron Man Costumes available.
The Incredible Hulk has been a favorite of boys for decades.  The Avengers Movie has made the Hulk even more popular.  This Avengers Hulk Muscle Costume will transform him into his favorite Super Hero.
This unique costume can certainly steal the show at any costume contest or party.  This officially licensed Star Wars Costume portrays an unmasked and fatally wounded Darth Vader.  It transforms you into the nemesis of the Jedi after his final battle with his son Luke.  Enter promo code TAKE 15 at checkout and get 15% off.
Everyone loves those crazy Minions from Despicable Me.  The Minions are the little yellow creatures that help Gru out around the lab.  He can transform into Minion Dave with this unusual costume.  Enter promo code TAKE 15 and get 15% off.
For a more classic scary Halloween Costume we have this Soul Taker.  Costume includes robe with attached face cover and hood.  The front features anguished ghostly souls. Great for costume parties. Right now you can get 15% off.
If he has a bit of the swashbuckler in him then this Deluxe Captain Jack Sparrow Pirate Costume is the right choice.  Comes with everything you need right down to the pirate's hat with beaded braids.  Buy now and get 15% off.
When the moon is full he can transform into a wicked werewolf.  This Howling at the Moon Costume features character mask and shirt with attached fur.  Buy now and get 15% off.
With the popularity of shows like The Walking Dead, Zombie costumes are hot this year!  Doesn't get much scarier than this Living Dead Costume.  Get 15% off with code TAKE 15.
This X-Men Wolverine Costume will make him feel indestructible.  Wolverine is armed with claws, coded skeleton and his healing factor.  Perfect for costume for trick or treat or costume parties.
This Star Wars Jawa Costume's hooded robe with light up eyes make it scary but cool.  This officially licensed costume would be a perfect choice for any Star Wars fan.
He can light up the neighborhood in this Light Up Batman Costume.  This Caped Crusader Costume is an Officially Licensed Replica from The Dark Knight Rises.  It has a light up bat symbol on the chest.
We love the old Classic Vampire.  This boy's Vampire Be Slayed Costume puts a unique twist on the Vampire Outfit.  The cool part of the costume is the vinyl stake that is attached to the vest.  Blood drips down for added realism.
The Disney Channels Jake and the Neverland Pirates is a big hit with kids.  This classic Jake Costume gets him ready to take on some pirate problems.  He will love being the leader of The Lost boys.
These are just a few of the great choices for Halloween 2013.  From superheroes to classic scary to Disney cute, we have it all.  Check back often as we will be adding new costume suggestions and special deals.

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