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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Want to Stimulate Your Child's Imagination? Try a Puppet

By Penny Clift

Summer is here and that means the kids are home. Entertaining them all summer can be challenging. Instead of letting them play video games all day how about giving them something that will stimulate their imagination! I love these realistic puppets from Folkmanis. They are so lifelike it is amazing! Kids can spend hours in imaginative play. They can put on a puppet show or interact with their friends. These furry friends are ready to play! We will help you choose just the right puppet for your child! Let's look at some of my favorites.

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I absolutely love this English Sheepdog.  He can wag his tail, scratch his fleas, tilt his head and sniff your friends.  You can make your friends believe he is real!  Watch the video to see him in action. Get him here! 

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Get your own Airedale Terrier Puppet here!

If a sheepdog isn't your cup of tea, how about this Airedale Terrier.  His stunning marks and folded ears give him an amazing realism.  Let him be the star of your dog show. 

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Say you aren't a dog person?  Well there is a puppet for cat lovers too!  This Ragdoll cat is so realistic it is hard to tell him from the real thing.  Beautiful markings.  Great for snuggling. 

If you  prefer the call of the wild, there are some great puppets for you.  One of our favorites is the Arctic Fox.  This sweet faced, snowy white trickster will melt your heart!  

These are just a few of the great puppet choices.  I have seen for myself how much children love these puppets.  Try one for your child and watch their imagination come alive.   Happy puppeteering!

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