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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Fall Fun Decorating Ideas

By Penny Clift

The kids are going back to school and Fall is just around the corner.  Fall decorating is so much fun!  I love the colors of fall.  Crisp yellow, red, orange and brown colors can fit into any decorating theme.

Even though it is hot outside, we can imagine the cool crisp air of Autumn.

We can help you welcome Fall with some great decorating items.  So let's get started.  You will surely find something you love.

I love this Tree Falls Fountain!  Water cascades down three levels creating the sound of a peaceful brook.  Led lights on each level adds a beautiful effect at night.  The perfect thing to turn your yard or garden into an oasis.

Here comes the Boo Choo Choo!  This adorable pumpkin train is loaded with ghosts and goblins.  They are making their way to your mantel to delight your guests!

 I am in love with these adorable scarecrow stair huggers.  Wired arms and legs make them perfect for posing around stairs, posts and railings.  They are very affordable so you can pair them up!

 Kid's like to help out with the decorating so let's not forget the things kids love.  Delight your helpful little decorators with this Tinker Bell Fall Figurine by Jim Shore.

Keeping in the Disney tradition, this Belle figurine by Jim Shore ushers in the fall season.
Hand painted and intricately detailed, this figurine will become a treasured keepsake.

Nothing says Fall like a beautiful wreath full of Autumn flowers. This Harvest Blessings wreath has lots of fall colors and includes a cornucopia, fruits and vegetables. The perfect way to welcome guests.     Get it here

Scarecrow Harvest Fall Autumn Halloween Tapestry

This Harvest Tapestry will add a little whimsical fun to your Fall decorations.
The friendly little scarecrow provides the perfect perch for a crow.
Makes a great wall hanging.  

Why not have your own friendly scarecrow?  This adorable straw man can be used indoors or outdoors.  He would make a great centerpiece for a fall scene.  Get it here!

Solar Powered Lighted Pumpkins

I love these solar lighted pumpkins!  They create a beautiful night display.  They also look great in the daytime.  Light your walk or garden path.  The perfect fall touch.
Get them now!

Snoopy & Charlie Brown Happy Fall Garden Flag

Who better to welcome your guests than Snoopy.  Peanuts adorable beagle prepares to jump into a pile of leaves that Charlie Brown has just raked up.  Your guests will be delighted by this cute  garden flag.   Get it here!

These are just a few suggestions for decorating this fall.  You can use each piece to create your own fall scene.
Pick your favorite and get creative!
Visit for great ideas for halloween decorating and entertaining.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Celebrate the Fourth of July with Disney!

By Penny Clift

Today I was thinking about what would be the perfect gift to celebrate the Fourth of July.  Of  
course all the traditional things came to mind, flags and anything red, white and blue.  There  
are all manner of things decorated with flags.  From t­-shirts to garden statues, you can always find a patriotic choice.   
Then I thought what is more American than Disney?  I still remember parking myself in front of  the television every Sunday night eagerly awaiting The Wonderful World of Disney.  Tinker Bell flying across the screen to light up the Disney castle with her pixie wand.   The audience  was treated to a magical story every Sunday.  It might be a cartoon or it might be a  
heartwarming story, but it was always entertaining.    
In those days, Disney tried to inspire children and teach them a few things along the way.  We  learned that bullies get their comeuppance in the end, that perseverance pays off, that love  always trumps hate and good always wins out in the end.  Maybe it wasn’t always the reality  of the world, but it shaped a generation of kids.  It gave us hope and optimism.   
If you know someone who grew up in that age, I am betting that a Disney gift would warm  
their heart and stir their memories.  It could also be a gift of love and optimism for a young  
Disney fan.    
I have found some Disney collectibles that would make the perfect gift.  If you have summer  
birthdays coming up take a look! 


Do you have someone on your list who always wanted to be a Disney Princess?  Maybe you have someone who believes they are a Princess.  We have some things they will love!

Disney Couture De Force Frozen Ice Queen Elsa And Princess Anna Figures

Disney latest princesses are Ice Queen Elsa and her sister Anna.  Frozen captivated the country and gave us "Let it Go" and that crazy snowman Olaf!

Cinderella 65th Anniversary Figure

Mark a special anniversary with this beautiful 2 piece figurine set by Jim Shore.
The figurine celebrates Cinderella and Prince Charming's 65th anniversary.
It captures the romantic kiss before the clock strikes midnight.

Disney's very first princess was Snow White.  Celebrate a special first with this Snow White musical figurine.

Prince Charming sweeps Snow White off her feet as "Someday my Prince Will Come" plays.

Great wedding gift!  Get it here!

Ariel Musical Water Globe

Do you know a girl who loves adventure?  How about the underwater kind.  Ariel dreams of life on land as she gazes out from this Precious Moments Musical Water Globe.
Plays the tune "Part of Your World".  Get the globe now here

Do you have some wild and free bikers on your list?  If so what is more perfect than Mickey and Minnie Mouse bikers.  Jim Shore depicts the mouse couple in leather as they get ready to hit the open road.  Get it here!

Make someone's birthday extra special by sending Mickey to wish them a Happy Birthday.  This musical Mickey Mouse figurine plays "We Wish You a Happy Birthday".  Get Mickey Here!

Dopey Garden Figure With Lantern

Gardener on your list?  Give them  a dwarf!  Dopey holds a solar lantern to help light the way.  Great for gardens or yards.  Get him here!

No more lying about sneaking a cookie!  Pinocchio and his famous nose make the perfect cookie jar.  Perfect gift for anyone who loves cookies!  Grab him now!

Patriotic Chip And Dale Figure

If you love the traditional Patriotic theme, then let Chip and Dale wish you a happy fourth.
Jim Shore gives us the famous chipmunks in all their American glory. Get them here!

We hope you find a Disney treasure that will warm someone in your life's heart.
Any of these items are sure to become treasured possessions.

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Disney!  Happy shopping.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Want to Stimulate Your Child's Imagination? Try a Puppet

By Penny Clift

Summer is here and that means the kids are home. Entertaining them all summer can be challenging. Instead of letting them play video games all day how about giving them something that will stimulate their imagination! I love these realistic puppets from Folkmanis. They are so lifelike it is amazing! Kids can spend hours in imaginative play. They can put on a puppet show or interact with their friends. These furry friends are ready to play! We will help you choose just the right puppet for your child! Let's look at some of my favorites.

Get your own Sheep Dog Puppet here!

I absolutely love this English Sheepdog.  He can wag his tail, scratch his fleas, tilt his head and sniff your friends.  You can make your friends believe he is real!  Watch the video to see him in action. Get him here! 

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Get Your Own Shaggy Sheep Dog Here!

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Get your own Airedale Terrier Puppet here!

If a sheepdog isn't your cup of tea, how about this Airedale Terrier.  His stunning marks and folded ears give him an amazing realism.  Let him be the star of your dog show. 

Official Costumes

Say you aren't a dog person?  Well there is a puppet for cat lovers too!  This Ragdoll cat is so realistic it is hard to tell him from the real thing.  Beautiful markings.  Great for snuggling. 

If you  prefer the call of the wild, there are some great puppets for you.  One of our favorites is the Arctic Fox.  This sweet faced, snowy white trickster will melt your heart!  

These are just a few of the great puppet choices.  I have seen for myself how much children love these puppets.  Try one for your child and watch their imagination come alive.   Happy puppeteering!