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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Infant and Toddler Easter Costume Sale

Spring brings rain, flowers and the Easter Bunny. Easter brings celebrations galore and bunnies in all shapes and sizes. If you need and Easter costume for your little one, we can help!
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We have gathered the cutest costumes available at the greatest prices. So grab a carrot and let's go shopping!

Here are our favorites.

Baby Rabbit Baby Costume Baby Rabbit Baby Costume
Wrap your little honey in hugs and kisses when you choose this adorable Baby Bunny baby costume - your little one will hippity hop into the hearts of one and all. This cozy costume will keep baby warm.

Precious Pink Wabbit Baby Costume Precious Pink Wabbit Baby Costume
Pink is for little girls; Easter eggs and pretty little rabbits! She'll melt hearts in this Precious Pink Wabbit Babby Costume complete with adorable gingham inset plush romper and matching

Lil Bunny Baby Costume Lil Bunny Baby Costume
Put your little honey bunny in this Lil Bunny Baby costume and hop into Halloween fun! Cute bunny costume will charm even the crankiest neighbor. But the baby won't be bothered in this comfy and cozy

Bunny Baby Costume Bunny Baby Costume
Dress your hunny like a bunny in this Bunny Baby Costume! Mismatched patterned ears are attached to fuzzy headpiece while matching jumpsuit will leave your sweetheart cute and comfy on

Handsome Wabbit Infant Costume Handsome Wabbit Infant Costume
Blue is for little boys; Easter eggs and handsome little rabbits! Your little prince will melt hearts as the Handsome Wabbit in this clever gingham tuxedo inset plush romper and matching floppy-eared

Toddler Yellow Duck Costume Toddler Yellow Duck Costume
Turning your home into Old MacDonald's farm is a cinch. All it takes is a toddler who's ready to dress up like a little duckie and a whole lot of quacking here and there.

Infant Bugs Bunny Costume Infant Bugs Bunny Costume
"What's up, Doc?"There is no Looney Tune more famous than Bugs Bunny. This rabbit has spent years traveling the world via rabbit hole going from place to place. Now when he gets to some of these locations he gets into mini fights with the likes of Elmer Fudd, Yosemite Sam, and even Daffy Duck. And no matter what this bunny has always come out on top. Now your little one can become the top toon in this great cartoon costume!

Infant Chickie Costume Infant Chickie Costume
Everyday on a farm something magical happens, new life is born. Inside a chicken coop you will see eggs starting to hatch and inside is a brand new bird. These brand new chickens just love to chirp and chirp all day long. Now your little one can become one of the cutest and newest members of the farm in this adorable animal costume.

Child Bunny Costume Child Bunny Costume
Your child will be hopping with excitement this Easter in this Child Bunny Costume! Add our bunny nose for the finishing touch then give her a basket and let the egg hunt begin.

Toddler Rabbit Costume Toddler Rabbit Costume
We never fully understood what the term "snuggle-bunny" meant until we saw this adorable rabbit costume. Softer and cuter than a real bunny, you might find it hard to tear yourself away from your little one. All you'll want to do is snuggle with your toddler.

Little Spring Flower Costume Little Spring Flower Costume
Look who just bloomed! Your child is going to bloom this Halloween or Easter when she wears this adorable flower costume! A bumblebee is printed on one of the pink flower petals of the hood. Your child will feel just like Spring when she wears this cute outfit!

Lil' Lamb Infant Costume Lil' Lamb Infant Costume
Dress up your baa-baa-bashful baby in this adorable Lil' Lamb costume! This classic baby costume features a soft; slip-on white fleece bodysuit with big blue bow and attached headpiece; making your

We hope you have found the perfect costume for your little Easter Bunny.  These are all great choices!  

Check back to see more Easter ideas including Biblical Easter Costumes and Easter Basket ideas!
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