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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Valentine's Help For the Romantically Challenged Man

Valentine's Day is only three weeks away.  If you are one of those men who break out in a sweat just thinking about choosing the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your sweetie, we are here to help you.

We know most guys do not have the soul of a poet and need a little help creating some romance.  I once had a friend whose husband decided to channel his inner poet.  He bought a card and wrote a poem (a bad poem). At the end of the poem he wrote in loving letters I love you Sweatheart.

Now I know this guy had the best of intentions when he bought that card.  But you do not want to be the guy your wife and her friends are sharing a good laugh over.  So with that in mind lets see what great gifts we can help you find.

Let her know you are thinking about her all day long.  Write a little message on these six mini cards.  It can be simple such as "Can't wait to see you tonight".  Then tuck the cards away in places that she will be sure to find them throughout the day such as her purse or lunch bag.  We guarantee she will love it!
These are beautiful 100% cotton cards.  They come with matching red envelopes. On top of that they are American made. 
This one will take a little time and effort but it will be worth it!  These eco friendly silk and velvet photo albums make a beautiful heirloom.  Pick your favorite color of album, put in some of your favorite pictures of you and her.  You can make it a theme album such as a fun vacation or special time.  It will be a personal gift that she knows you took time to do especially for her.  You will win big points for this one! Click here to get it now  

I Love You More Pendant Eternity Circle Necklace

This .925 Sterling Solid Silver Pendant is the perfect way to say I Love You.  Necklace features an eternity circle of love.  It has the words I Love You. Comes with a free jewelry box.
Grab it here!  

This Gift Basket comes with the promise of romance.  From romantic candles to sensual chocolate body frosting.  This basket includes everything you need for a romantic evening.
 Get it here! 

Help her sparkle from ear to ear. These diamond heart ruby gemstone earrings will melt her heart. Get it here!  

"Always in My Heart" Jeweled Music Box by The Bradford Exchange

Celebrate your everlasting love with this handcrafted fine heirloom porcelain music box.  It is lavished with more than 100 glittering hand applied glass jewels.  The center features a dazzling ruby red heart shaped swarovski crystal.   Plays the tune "Always in My Heart"

If she is one of those girls who loves her smart phone, then this gift will be special.  Engrave your names on this personalized bamboo Iphone case.  She will think of you every time she uses her phone.  Grab it here!  

This is where your romance will really shine! Pick up this Picnic Basket set for two.  Comes with two of everything.  Wine glasses, plates, napkins and more. Holds two wine bottles.  Fill it with wine and her favorite dinner.  Take her for a picnic on the moonlit beach or her favorite spot.  We guarantee it will melt her heart. Get it here! 

Couples Photo Cube

Put a few of your favorite photos in this engraved couples photo cube.  Engraved with both your names inside a heart.  It oozes love.  She will love it. Get it while you can!Get it while you can!  

These are just a few of the great suggestions to put a little romance in your Valentine's Day.  Flowers and candy are the easy way to go.  Show her your romantic side by choosing one of our more personal, fun and romantic gifts.  We think you will be rewarded handsomely. 

Happy Valentines Day!