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Friday, September 13, 2013

Scary Unusual Halloween Yard Decorations

The Goblins will get you if you don't watch out. Here at C & P Treasures there is nothing we like better than a spooky story and some popcorn on a cool fall night.
We also love decorating for Halloween.  Trick or Treaters often stop to have their picture taken in our Haunted Yard.   We take great pride in our outdoor Halloween decorating.  We look high and low for the scariest, most unusual and even cute outdoor Halloween decorations.

So here we will pass along some great Halloween decorating items to you.  We will try to include affordable Halloween decorations as well as some very cool more expensive decorations.  So pick your theme, get ready to decorate and hopefully you will find something you love right here.

Airblown Inflatable Runaway Ghost Scene Yard Decoration
We fell in love with this adorable Airblown Inflatable Runaway Ghost Scene.  Recalls memories of pacman as the Jack O'Lantern is poised to eat up the ghosts.  The expressions on the little ghosts faces are hilarious.  Inflatable lights up for a great display at night. Grab it here

This ghostly trio has come to help haunt your yard.  At 19 inches tall they make a nice lighted display.  You can use them to line your sidewalk or driveway or arrange them in a ghostly circle. Click on the link for a great price.

This Hanging Grim Reaper will give your trick or treaters a scary good surprise.  This Grim Reaper's LED lights make him a spooky display.  When unsuspecting guests walk by he makes spooky sounds.  Click on the link to learn more about this grim reaper.
3 piece Lawn Witch Decor
Your lawn could be invaded by this coven of witches.  Your trick or treaters will be spellbound when they see these 3 wicked witches flying around your lawn.    Click on the link to learn more.
Turn your yard into a haunted cemetery.  This light up spooky tombstone is embellished with a black rose.  But the really cool thing about it is white strobe lights which light it up from twilight and beyond. Click on the link to check out the low price.

This life size witch will make your yard the creepiest, coolest yard in the neighborhood.  She springs to life speaking and swaying while stirring her cauldron.  The cauldron lights up with colorful mist.  Click on the link to see her spooky phrases. Get her here

No haunted cemetery is complete without a spooky tree.  This spooky tree is lighted to make an alluring visual display.  Get it here

Webcaster Spiderweb Gun
This is a great accessory for your Halloween decorating.  You can create spooky spiderweb effects cobwebs anywhere. This webcaster gun uses sticks that are similar to glue sticks. Click on the link to learn more.

We see all kinds of Airblown Inflatables.  But this one caught our eye as unusual.  Features 3 ghosts pulling a coach with with a ghost driver.  Inside the coach is a witch. A witch hat sits atop the coach.  This large inflatable lights up for night time display. Click on the link to learn more.

These are just a few suggestions for spooking up your yard!  There are tons of great Halloween yard decorations out there.  Visit us often and we will bring you more ways to greet your guests in ghoulish style!

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