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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Scary Haunting Halloween Decorating

The wind is cold and whipping the dried leaves to and fro.  The moon is full and in the distance we can hear the hooting of an owl.  It is the witching hour.  Time for all good boys and girls safe in their beds. Safe from all the scary things that go bump in the night
Are you ready for Halloween?  We can help you find things to turn your home or lawn into a Halloween show place of the neighborhood.  Whether you like to do a lot or a little decorating, You can find something that will suit your needs.
Here at C & P Treasures we love finding unique and unusual items. We love sharing them with our visitors.  First really cool Halloween item we have found is this Hauntingly Witchy Pumpkin.

Avoid the hassle of carving your own pumpkin. This pumpkin can be used year after year.  It's spooky scene with a flying witch is perfect for your porch.
This Halloween throw is perfect for a cold fall night.  Adds a great touch to your indoor Halloween décor.  This large tapestry throw is decorated with black cats, jack o'lanterns and a big harvest moon.  Makes a wonderful gift.
This Halloween Throw and Pillow Set includes a Jack O'Lantern Pillow and a Throw decorated with ghosts, jack o'lanterns and spiders.  All too soon our children believe they are too old for trick or treat. This great set would be a perfect Halloween gift for a teenager or the too old trick or treater.
One of the coolest we have found for Halloween 2013 is this Solar Powered Color Changing Pumpkin Hat.  Forget lighting your pumpkins with candles, this is an easier and more colorful way to light up the night.  The sun powers up the hat during the day and lights up your Jack O'Lantern at night. Simply carve your pumpkin, place the hat on as the lid and wait for the color changing light show.
Have a little ghostly fun with this goofy ghost Halloween Floater.  He moves along his cable and appears as if he is floating in air.  Activated by sound. He travels back and forth automatically reverses direction.  His eyes flash with ghostly lights as he moves along.  Great for the yard.
The West is really wild as you can see by this Haunted Stagecoach.  This Halloween Airblown Inflatable stands over 8 feet tall.  The skeleton driver takes his ghostly passengers for a ride on your lawn.  Inflatable is lighted. Ghoulish fun!
Hanging Sonic Rotating Ghost Hanging Sonic Rotating Ghost
Our Hanging Sonic Rotating Ghost features billowy fabric with pose able arms, a head that lights up and a body that full spins and makes Halloween sounds. Each sound-activated Hanging Rotating Ghost is made of nylon, plastic, metal and foam measuring 60 inches tall x 52 inches wide. Requires 3 AAA batteries, not included.

Spooky Lit Halloween Tree Spooky Lit Halloween Tree
This Spooky Lit Halloween Tree features 100 orange LED lights attached to a black glitter wire tree with hanging bats. Our Spooky Halloween Tree measures 5 feet high x 42 inches wide x 9 inches deep. Each Spooky Lit Halloween Tree has a 6 foot cord with adapter.

Zombie Silhouettes Set/2

Zombie Silhouettes Set/2
Our free-standing Zombie Silhouettes won't eat your brains, but they will scare up some fun at your next party. Each black cardboard Zombie Silhouette measures 6 feet 1 inches high x 2 feet 11 inches. Use this set of two Zombie Silhouettes to create your own zombie army. Easy assembly. Spooky Trees will give your next party an eerie atmosphere. Each Spooky Tree comes in two fantastic sizes - 6 feet or 8 feet. These free-standing Spooky Trees will get your party headed in the right direction for frights and scares. Easy assembly.

Standing Animated Witch Standing Animated Witch
Our Standing Animated Witch turns back and forth as her eyes light up in an eerie way. Each Standing Animated Witch measures 6 feet tall x 4 feet wide and is made of nylon, plastic, foam and metal. The Standing Animated Witch has posable arms and creates scary Halloween noises. Requires 3 AA batteries that are not included.

Ghost Path Markers Set Of 3

Ghosts, witches, and zombies can haunt your lawn this Halloween. Any of the items above will help make your lawn the Halloween hit of the season!

Decorating for Halloween is fun!  You can be as cute or as creepy as you like.  Here at C & P Treasures we are always on the lookout for those great items that will make your decorating experience fun and unique.
Check back daily as we will adding items right up until Halloween. 

If there is a special item you are looking for let us know and will try to find it for you.
Follow us twitter for new item updates.

Ghost Path Markers Set Of 3
Illuminated Ghost Path Markers are a fun way to line your sidewalk or driveway on Halloween Night! These ghosts are battery operated and turn off after approximately 30 seconds. Each Ghost Path Marker is 19 inches tall, and is color changing. Requires three AA batteries, not included.

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