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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Disney Collectible Figurines The Perfect Gift

With the holiday season fast approaching, it is never too early to start thinking about those special gifts.  Here at C & P Treasures we believe that Disney makes some of the finest collectibles that can be treasured for years.
Who doesn't have a special memory of a classic Disney film.  We have all sat in the dark at the movie theatre and been swept into the magic that only Disney can provide.  We have danced with Cinderella, climbed down the tower with Rapunzel, cried with Bambi, soared with Dumbo, fought a bear with the Fox and the Hound, awoke to a kiss with Sleeping Beauty, graduated from a University with Monsters and went on several adventures with Woody, Buzz, Jessie and Bullseye.
Disney makes wonderful collectibles that evoke those special moments and memories.  They can take us back to our childhood or remind us of the joy we shared with our own children watching a Disney film together. 
So let us help you find the perfect Disney gift for that special prince or princess in your life.  We are sure the gift will become a beautiful Christmas memory as well as a treasured keepsake.  So lets get started!
This beautiful Diorama Trinket Box recreates the scene where Cinderella's Fairy Godmother waves her wand and gives Cinderella a beautiful ball gown to wear to the ball.  The background of the box lights up with a soft blue light.  The really special thing about this thing about this box is it has a secret compartment.  One reviewer received a Disney Diorama box as a gift from her husband.  She loves to store her wedding rings in the secret compartment.  Click here to see more details.
Halloween is the most popular holiday next to Christmas.  It isn't just for children anymore.  Many people love to give Halloween gifts.  Halloween gifts are a great idea for clubs or something fun for work.  One year we did Boo Bags.  These were bags filled with Halloween gifts and treats.  They were given anonymously. Once you received a Boo Bag you had to pay it forward and do a Boo Bag for someone else.  Everyone had a lot of fun.
So in the tradition of Halloween gift giving, we have found this Disney Mickey Mouse Trick or Treat Bowl.  This is a rare hard to find retired piece from the Disney Store.  It is a large bowl that features Mickey Mouse as a Jack O'Lantern.  Place your treats in his open mouth.
This beautiful Disney Collection Mobile would look exquisite in any room.  It appears as if the Disney Castle floats in the air and Disney characters dangle underneath.  It features 28 fully sculpted and handpainted Disney characters.  They include: Dumbo, Bambi, Sleeping Beauty and many more.  Click here to see all the characters and details.,
Join the adventures of Captain Hook and Peter Pan in Neverland.  Celebrate the pirate in him with this adorable Jolly Roger Pirate Ship Snowglobe.  Plays the tune "You can Fly" and features several Peter Pan characters.  Click here for more details......
Your sweetheart would love a romantic gesture such as this adorable Thomas Kinkade Mickey and Minnie Mouse A Bridge to Our Love figurine.  This beautiful figurine combines the artistry of Thomas Kinkade with the magic of two Disney characters, Mickey and Minnie. 
If Snow White is your favorite princess, then this beautiful figurine by Jim Shore would be a delight.  Entitled "Fairy Tale Endings for the Fairest of Them All".  Click here to learn more....
If she brings out the Beast in you, then this Beauty and the Beast Figurine from Lenox would make the perfect gift for her.  This figurine would make a beautiful wedding gift.  Belle's Wedding Dreams is made by Lenox  This fine china accented with 24 carat gold.  Learn more here...
A beautiful gift to tell someone that they bring magic to your life.  This porcelain music box features Disney's magical pixie Tinker Bell.  Bears the inspiring inscription Believe in gleaming platinum.  Click here to learn more....
If you have special memories of Disney's Toy Story Series, this snowglobe will be a treasured keepsake.  Features the villain of Toy Story 3 Lotso, Woody,Jessie, Buzz and many other Toy Story characters. Plays the tune "You've Got a Friend in Me".  Learn more here.....
If you have a doll collector on your list, you can endear yourself this Christmas by giving her this Limited Edition Deluxe Snow White doll.  Limited to only 5000 pieces, it is a tribute to Disney's original princess.  Click here to learn more....
These are just a few choices to delight the young and the young at heart.  We hope you find something for that special someone on your list here.  If not check back we will have new items for you to browse.

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