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Monday, July 2, 2012



I might be showing my age a bit but I remember watching Roy Rogers on Saturday afternoons and wishing I had a horse likeTrigger.  What a beautiful Palomino! 

The best summer of my childhood was when my Granddad came home with a Shetland Pony in the trailer.  His name was Ike and he was an ornery old pony.  His favorite thing was to head straight for a tree to see if he could knock you off on your rear.  He didn't take to being rode very well.  But my sister and I loved him anyway. 

Not only did we love our real pony but we loved playing with toy horses.  And now that we have online stores we love selling toy horses!  Every time we send one out we say a little prayer that whoever receives it enjoys it as much as we enjoyed our toy horses. 

So if you want to share some horse love with someone or maybe you just like collecting horses yourself, we have some great ones!

This is the first in a series of Elvis's beloved horses made by Breyer. Elvis wanted a horse of gold fit for a King of Rock & Roll. He found it in a 6 year Palamino Gelding he dubbed Rising Sun. 

Montana Lifestyles makes home decor which depicts the life of a working cowboy.  Their items make wonderful additions to any western decorating theme.  Keeping with our theme of horses this figurine features lovable Elmer.  Elmer is hauling some hay on his ATV.  This would make a great gift item!

This next item is a wonderful collectible trinket box depicting Spirit & Rain from the Dreamworks animated movie Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron.  Spirit is a wonderful tale of endearing courage and the unbreakable spirit of freedom that one stallion has inside.  It is a beautiful uplifting and inspirational story.  This porcelain trinket box from Breyer celebrates the story of Spirit and the pinto horse he loved Rain.

We can't leave the little ones out.  We have the perfect horse for the perfect little one.  Who doesn't love Woody's trusty steed Bullseye from Disney's Toy Story.  Bullseye is on his rocker and ready to ride!

Two things little girls love horses and jewelry.  This unique jewelry box combines both.  Not only is it a jewelry box with pretty ponies but when you open it up colored lights begin to twinkle.  What little girl wouldn't love that! 

If you have a jigsaw puzzle expert on your gift list we have the perfect puzzle.  This puzzle is entitled "Prancers".  It features five beautiful horses.  The artwork is by artist by Marilyn J. Heed.  This is one of several horse puzzles available.

We have many more horse items listed at C & P Treasures including several Breyer horses.  At C & P Treasures you can find great gift items and wonderful toys. We add new things every week.  Check our blog often to see what's new at C & P!