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Friday, January 9, 2009

Disney Princess Dolls Barbie Dolls & Baby Dolls

We have some great deals on some great dolls! If you are looking for a special doll for a special girl come check out our deals!

A whole new generation of girls have been introduced to Disney's Sleeping Beauty Aurora with the release of the classic Disney animated feature Sleeping Beauty. We have some beautiful Sleeping Beauty dolls.

This Magic Fairy Lights Sleeping Beauty doll is one of my favorites. Place one of the fairies in her hand and her dress will light up. Blue for the blue fairy. Pink for the pink fairy and both colors for the green fairy!

Sleeping Beauty Magic Fairy Lights Doll

If your little girl likes Polly Pocket dolls then she will love this Barbie Mini Kingdom Princess Odette doll.

Barbie Mini Kingdom Princess Odette Doll

Another great Polly Pocket size doll is Tinker Bell's fairy friend Silvermist with magic fluttering wings.

Silvermist Flutter Fairy Wings Doll

If its baby dolls your little girl likes we have those too! This Baby Born Magic Potty doll is just like the real thing. She drinks, eats, soils her diaper, cries and squeals with delight.

Baby Born Magic Potty Doll

These are just a few of the great toys we have listed. Check back often for more great toys and Valentine's Day gift ideas!

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