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Monday, December 22, 2008

Barbie Bratz and Disney Dolls Galore

We have lots of great toys for all good little girls and boys! Got Christmas money to spend? Check out some of our great items.

This Barbie Princess Anneliese Styling Head comes with share wear. Lots of fun!

Barbie Anneliese Styling Head

Barbie A Christmas Carol DVD was the new Barbie movie this year. This Barbie Eden Starling Doll is the main character of the movie. Eden is a Victorian Era singing diva who needs a little Christmas spirit.

Barbie Christmas Carol Eden Starling Doll

This My House set features a Barbie doll and state of the art kitchen all in one box!

Barbie Doll & Kitchen Set

Bathtime Beauty Ariel is a magical color changing doll! Her hair and bodice change color in warm or icy water. Comes with water squirting Flounder.

Color Change Bathtime Beauty Ariel Doll

If she loves horses she will love this Musical Horse Jewelry Box by Enchantmints. Has lots of compartments for storing treasures, a mirror and a horse that rotates to music!

Musical Horse Jewelry Box

We also have Bratz and Disney toys and lots more. Check us out.

C & P Treasures

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Last Minute Christmas Toys Disney Bratz Barbie & More

Time is running out. You still have time to pick up that last great toy! We ship next day after payment. Check out C & P Treasures great toy deals.

This Disney Princess Light Up Jewel Horse is adorable. When you use the magic comb to comb her hair her braid lights up in different colors!

Disney Princess Light Up Jewel Horse

This hard to find Bratz Shopping Mall has everything. It has a music shop that plays real music, movie theater, makeup store, chill out cafe and real working escalator. Inlcudes Bratz doll Nevra.

Bratz Fashion Mall

She can record all her secrets in this Bratz Secret Sign In Journal. It has touch recognition. Recognizes your secret symbol. Music and Lights!

Bratz Secret Sign In Journal

If your little girl loves Barbie then this super saver Barbie Bling Bling Set would be great for you. Includes Barbie, Chelsea and Nolee dolls.

Barbie Bling Bling Barbie Nolee & Chelsea Dolls

This My Little Pony Sweet Shoppe Playset comes with pony Sweetberry. On the top floor, ponies can eat their treats under a great big cone! Press the heart on the bridge and a tray pops out of the window! There’s also an opening mailbox, spinning window displays and an ice cream freezer to add to the fun! When you’re done, pack it all up inside and take it with you for pony fun on the go!

My Little Pony Sweet Shoppe

This is just a few of the great things you will find at C & P Treasures. Check us out.

C & P Treasures

Friday, December 12, 2008

Tinker Bell Alice In Wonderland & Princess Dolls for Christmas

Looking for that great last minute Christmas gift? Check out some of the great dolls at C & P Treasures! We have some great Disney dolls and other great toys too.

We have a great price on this Tinker Bell Set. Set includes Tinker Bell Celebration Doll and a Polly Pocket Queen Clairon Doll.

Tinker Bell Doll Set

Sing Along with Belle and have a tea party too! This Little Belle Sing Along doll is adorable and she sings!

Sing Along Little Belle Doll

Check out this cute Little Alice in Wonderland doll. Have an un tea party with this great set.

Little Alice Doll

If your little girl likes Sleeping Beauty then she will love this Aurora and Prince Phillip Carousel Polly Pocket Playset. This was a Disney Exclusive a few years ago.

Sleeping Beauty Playset

Little ones will enjoy this plush Tinker Bell Fairy Flower House Playset. Has a plush Tinker Bell doll.

Tinker Bell Fairy Flower House Playset

If your child loved the Disney movie Wall E then you might like this Wall E Interactive Eve. She talks and reacts with animated actions.

Wall E Interactive Eve

Come shop with us. We have super fast shipping! Merry Christmas!

C & P Treasures

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Matchbox Mega Bloks and More

Ho Ho Ho! Visit C & P Treasures for great Christmas gifts. We have toys, Christmas decorations, comforter sets, jewelry and tons of things to delight someone on your list!

This Matchbox Shark Pier Playset Set would delight any little boy who loves cars and sharks!

Matchbox Shark Escape Set

We have more shark fun with this Mega-Bloks Pyrates Shark Escape. Shark with chomping jaws and marauding pirates!

Mega Bloks Pyrates Shark Escape

For more high seas adventures try this Disney Heroes Peter Pan Captain Hook Pirate Ship. It has real firing cannons. Floats and Rolls. Comes with three figures.

Peter Pan Captain Hook Pirate Ship

If your little one prefers to stay on land then maybe they will like this Thomas the Tank Water Tower Steam Set. Makes real steam that is cool to the touch.

Thomas the Tank Water Tower Steam Set

We also have this hard to find Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leo Shell Speeder. Transforms from futuristic bike to hover flyer!

TMNT Leo Shell Speeder

We have lots more to see at C & P Treasures. Check us out. We have fast shipping!

C & P Treasures

Monday, December 8, 2008

Care Bears & Baby Dolls for Christmas

Christmas is almost upon us and shopping days are getting short. C & P Treasures has lots of great deals on toys and holiday items.

We have some great Bears and Baby Dolls. Check out these great items!

This great Care Bear Hide N Seek Bear is a great twist on an old game. Hide Surprise Bear and he will give clues to those trying to find him!

Care Bears Hide N Seek Bear

This Care Bears Jokes and Giggles Bear loves to tell jokes and he will listen to yours as well!

Care Bears Jokes & Giggles Bear

Little Mommy Bedtime Baby Doll has a little lamb blanket that lights up. Baby makes cooing sounds as a lullaby plays. Cute doll!

Little Mommy Bedtime Baby Doll

Cepia Magical Light Changing Rainbow Bear is a great gift for little ones. Bear lights up and puts on a magical light show of beautiful color changing lights. If your little one is afraid of the dark they will love this bear. It automatically shuts off after 30 minutes.

Magical Light Changing Teddy Bear

This Fisher Price Interactive Real Loving Baby Doll is adorable. She recognizes her name and performs a multitude of realistic baby actions.

Interactive Real Loving Baby Doll

This Baby Born Magic Potty doll performs nine functions and never needs batteries. She eats, wets, cries, potties and more.

Baby Born Magic Potty Doll

This is just a few of our great toys. Check us out.

C & P Treasures

Friday, December 5, 2008

Tinker Bell Ariel & Jessie for Christmas

C & P Treasures has lots of great Disney toys! Check out our great deals.

If your little girl love the new Disney Tinker Bell movie then she will love this Tinker Bell Flower House Playset from Disney.

Tinker Bell Flower House Playset

This Tinker Bell set we put together is a great value! Tinker Bell Celebration Doll and Queen Clarion Polly Pocket doll.

Tinker Bell & Queen Clarion Set

This Tinker Bell Playmates is just the right size for little hands.

Tinker Bell Fairies Doll

This Little Mermaid Wish with Me Ariel Doll is adorable. Squeeze her left hand and make a wish. Squeeze her right hand and her tiara lights up and she tells you if your wish will come true!

Ariel Wish With Me Doll

Who doesn't love Cowgirl Jessie from Toy Story 2. This Jessie doll comes with 3 outfits.

Toy Story Jessie Doll

These are just a few of the great things we have at C & P Treasures. Check us out! We have fast shipping for Christmas delivery.

C & P Treasures

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Great Christmas Deals

Just a little over two weeks left to get that perfect Chrismas gift. Here at C & P Treasures we have lots of great toy deals and holiday items. We ship next day after payment to help ensure you receive everything in time for Christmas.

Check out some of our deals!

Does your little girl love Disney Princesses and MP3 players? She will love this Disney Princess Speaker Pillow. Last one I have left.

Disney Princess Speaker Pillow

If your little one likes interactive toys then they will love this FurReal Newborn Lion Cub.

Furreal Newborn Lion

We have a great deal on this Matchbox Set. Has cars and sharks!

Matchbox Shark Pier Playset

I love this Barbie Fairytopia Magic Rainbow Enchanted Giftset. It sold at Kohl's last year for 48.00. C & P Treasures has it for 30.00. Doll is fairy and mermaid.

Barbie Fairytopia Mermaid Rainbow Set

This Disney Princess doll set is a great value. It includes Cinderella and Snow White dolls plus a Musical Cinderella Hair Brush and holder.

Disney Princess Cinderella Snow White Doll Set

These are just a few of the great things we have to offer. We list new items every day so check back often. Happy Shopping!

C & P Treasures