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Friday, September 5, 2008

Ghosts Ghouls and Halloween

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love the crisp fall feeling in the air and the colored leaves. I love to decorate my lawn like a haunted cemetery. The kids love it.

I bought a large lighted Haunted House which serves as the centerpiece for my cemetery. I added a couple of tombstones in front of the house. Then I purchased a double gated cemetery fence made of metal. I placed the fence in front of the house and the tombstones. Plastic cemetery fence served as the rest of the cemtery border.

I also hang cloth ghosts in the tree and I have a lighted ghost which sits among the tombstones. Glowing feet which light up alternately also roam my graveyard.

On the porch I have a cackling witch who stands about 4 foot tall. She stirs a cauldron which actually lights up to look like fire and it also puts out fog which looks like smoke. Above the witch is my screaming ghost bride which goes off when anyone gets close to the porch.

I have a great spider made of metal. It is actually three spiders which light up one after the other to give the illusion it is moving. I got a great deal on this spider at a closeout store and I love him! I place him on the rocks around a flower bed in the center of my lawn. Inside the flower bed, which is round, I place a large lighted witch on a broomstick. To top off my decor I have a projector which projects spooky scenes onto the garage door.

I try to add something new every year so the kids will have something new to discover when they trick or treat my house. It is great spooky fun and I have kept the expense down by adding something once a year.

Halloween has become a very popular holiday with adults. Lots of great costume parties and spooky parades help to make Halloween a fun holiday for all ages.

I have some great Halloween costumes and decorations at C & P Treasures. Check them out before they are all gone. Halloween shoppers begin early.

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