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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What Do You Really Know About October?

Fall is officially here! It is my favorite time of the year. October will soon be here with crisp days and cool nights. The leaves will be shedding their green and putting on new dazzling red, orange and brown colors to awe us all. So in celebration of October here are some fun October facts.

It was the eighth month on the Roman calendar. It got its name from the word Octo meaning eight.

October 18th is Saint Luke's Day - a day when girls could gain knowledge of their future husbands. Before going to bed they put a mixture of honey, spices and vinegar on their face. After getting into bed they recited a poem St. Luke St. Luke be kind to me. In dreams let me my true love see.

Rain in October means wind in December.

October 1, 1870 the first post card was made in Britain.

October 3, 1916 James Herriott author and vet was born.

And of course October 31st is Halloween!

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Haunted Happenings at the Library

Fall is a great time for Library Programs. As I have said before my sister is the local librarian and I naturally get volunteered for most library programs.

There will be some great ones this fall such as Cooks & Books and a Movie. Participants prepare a dish of their choosing and bring it to the library. Everyone samples the food and then enjoys a great classic movie on the big screen TV. The addition of a new meeting room at our library has made great programs like this possible.

The theme is Christmas in September and the movie being shown is Christmas in Connecticut starring Barbara Stanwyck and Dennis Morgan. This is a great movie about a woman who writes a cooking column for the paper but in reality she doesn't know how to cook. When the paper's owner comes up with the bright idea that she host a Christmas weekend for a homecoming soldier the fun begins. If you haven't seen it, you should give it a try.

The Saturday before Halloween will be Haunted Happenings at the Library Program. This program features games for the kids, a storyteller, free hamburgers, costume contests and for the teens a Haunted Murder Mystery Party. This is the first time we have tried the Murder Mystery. If anyone has done one and has a suggestion we would certainly welcome the input. Anyway I am looking forward to the fun.

Libraries are ever changing and adapting to modern needs. The library has many fun family activities and features a safe, freindly environment. Everyone should check out the activities of their local library.

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

And the Goblins Will Get You If You Don't Watch Out!

Here at C & P Treasures we love Halloween! I love to get the little ones all dressed up and go out Trick or Treating. We have great fun. Sometimes we even dress up the dog and he goes too. This year we may take Chupakabra Rosie. The neighborhood better look out!

There are different beliefs about the origin of Halloween costumes. The Celts used to believe the spirits of the dead arose on Halloween night and searched for living bodies to possess. So villagers would dress up in ghoulish costume and roam the streets making noise to scare away the spirits. Some versions say people dressed in costume in order to trick the spirits into believing the costumed person was also a spirit. They left food and gifts on the doorstep as offerings so the spirits would pass them by. The earliest trick or treaters!

Anway it is Halloween at C & P Treasures!

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ghostly Tale of Dead Woman's Crossing

C & P Treasures

Halloween is fast approaching so it is a great time to share spooky ghost stories. When I was in college there was a local legend about a bridge just outside of town. The bridge was reportedly haunted by a headless woman searching for her missing baby.

One night several of my friends and I travled to the bridge. Although nothing paranormal happened it is a spooky place that gives you a very uneasy feeling. I was glad to get back into the car and leave.

Several years later I read an article by Susan Woolf Brenner who had actually researched the story. I was surprised to find the legend actually had a basis in fact.

This is the condensed version of the true story.

In 1905 a 29 year old lady named Katie James loaded her 14 month old baby and herself onto a train to travel to her cousin's house. Her father, Henry, saw her off. Katy had filed for divorce from her husband on the grounds of cruelty and was looking to get away.

Katie's father received regular letters from Katie so when the letters stopped coming he became very concerned. He hired a detective, Sam Bartell, to find Katy.

Bartell first searched the town of Clinton to no avail. He then went on to Weatherford. He learned from people in Weatherford that Katie had been staying with a woman she met on the train, Fannie Norton. Norton was a known prostitute in the area. I found this fact very interesting. Did Katie know what kind of woman she had befriended? It seems strange to me considering Katie was a well respected woman with a child. Anyway, they stayed with Fannie Norton's brother in law and Katie was introduced to him as Miss Smith.

The next morning the two women and the child left in a buggy stating they would be gone about 3 hours. Norton returned 2 hours later alone. She left the buggy in the barn and left for Clinton.

Witnesses reported seeing a buggy with 2 women and a baby going into a field. The buggy was in the field for about 45 minutes. When the buggy emerged there was only one woman and a child in the buggy. She drove to a nearby farm and left the baby with a small boy instructing him to give the baby to his mother until she returned. She then drove away tossing a bundle of baby clothes onto the side of the road. The baby's dress and the buggy wheels were covered in blood. Norton fled to Guthrie after the incident.

Bartell tracked Fannie down and began to question her. She became very agitated and vehemently denied that she had harmed Katie. She insisted Katie had met a man on the trail and left with him. Bartell did not buy her story. Later Norton became ill and began to vomit. It was discovered that she had taken poison and died shortly thereafter. Her death was ruled a suicide.

Katie's father and the govenor posted rewards for information on Katie. Later a man came forward claiming he and his sons had found Katie's body while fishing. Although all that remained was a skeleton, Katie's clothes were recognizable and she was still wearing a gold ring on one hand. The skull was not attached. It was 2 feet away and upright. The hat and hair were not attached but lying beside the head.

A revolver was found near the skull which had a bullet hole behind one ear. The gun was identified as Fannie Norton's. Norton had shot Katie while she sat in the buggy and allowed her to fall to the ground. Katie's estranged husband identified the body. Since they were still married at the time of her death, her estate was divided by her husband and her child. Many people suspected the husband of paying Norton to kill Katie in order to get her estate. Although robbery had been sited as the motive, it seemed unlikely since Katie still wore her gold ring.

Ever since there have been reports of people crossing the bridge hearing a woman crying for her child. Underneath the bridge people have heard the sound of wagon wheels crossing a wooden bridge. The old bridge has of course been replaced by a concrete one but the haunting reportedly continues.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Scary Bigfoot Story

C & P Treasures

Since Halloween is approaching, I am going to tell the most terrifying experience of my life. I have been scared many times in my life, but this particular experience put all of the others into the shadow.

I live in a rural area and sightings of unusual creatures have happened quite frequently. Now I am not talking about the local eccentric people, but reputable and sane people. My own Granddad and a friend saw a Bigfoot like creature along the riverbank one day. He used to tell that story and we would laugh. We were a little skeptical to say the least.

Well years later my sister and I shared a house on the family farm. We both worked in town but enjoyed living on the family place. It was just home so not scary or anything. Sometimes it was a little creepy when a storm came up and we had to go outside to the cellar. Otherwise it was usually uneventful.

Until the night it happened. It was about 4 0'clock in the morning. We were both asleep. I awoke to the loudest screaming noise I have ever heard. I was instantly awake. I immediatley went to see if my sister was awake and found her as myself wide awake.

At first we thought it was some maniac in the trees around the house. But the sound was so loud a human voice could not possible make this sound. It was nowhere and everywhere. It was constant.

We finally worked up the courage to creep into the hallway to peer out the window in the back door. We had two dogs in the house and three outside dogs. The outside dogs who barked at everything were lying on the porch not making a sound. The inside dogs were glued to our legs terrified.

I peered out the window. The yard light was on but I could see nothing. The noise continued, an ear splitting scream. It seemed to be moving just outside the light from west to east. It seemed as if I would go mad if this noise did not stop. And then it did. It stopped as suddenly as it had started. Then just silence.

We were terrified. We just huddled in the hall, afraid to move for at least an hour. We were filled with dread that it would start again. Would it come closer or try to get into the house? We didn't know what to think.

Finally it began to get light. We peered outside the window into the grey morning light but saw nothing. Finally, we could begin to believe it was gone. We waited until about 8 a.m. before calling our parents. We told our Dad about the experience. He said it was probably a badger. There is no way a badger could make that noise. One of our dogs loved to fight badgers, yet he did not move from the porch. It was NOT a badger.

Anyway Daddy came out and brought a shotgun. It made us feel a little safer, but not much. A few months later we moved to town. We never felt safe on the family farm after that night.

Now, I don't know what Bigfoot is supposed to sound like, but I believe I have heard him. I don't have any other explanation. We didn't tell anyone this story for years for fear of being ridiculed. But it is true and it happened to me. I don't know for sure what it was, but I do know I am glad I did not see it and I never want to hear it again.

That is my scariest experience ever. Anyone want to share their own feel free.

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Friday, September 5, 2008

Ghosts Ghouls and Halloween

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love the crisp fall feeling in the air and the colored leaves. I love to decorate my lawn like a haunted cemetery. The kids love it.

I bought a large lighted Haunted House which serves as the centerpiece for my cemetery. I added a couple of tombstones in front of the house. Then I purchased a double gated cemetery fence made of metal. I placed the fence in front of the house and the tombstones. Plastic cemetery fence served as the rest of the cemtery border.

I also hang cloth ghosts in the tree and I have a lighted ghost which sits among the tombstones. Glowing feet which light up alternately also roam my graveyard.

On the porch I have a cackling witch who stands about 4 foot tall. She stirs a cauldron which actually lights up to look like fire and it also puts out fog which looks like smoke. Above the witch is my screaming ghost bride which goes off when anyone gets close to the porch.

I have a great spider made of metal. It is actually three spiders which light up one after the other to give the illusion it is moving. I got a great deal on this spider at a closeout store and I love him! I place him on the rocks around a flower bed in the center of my lawn. Inside the flower bed, which is round, I place a large lighted witch on a broomstick. To top off my decor I have a projector which projects spooky scenes onto the garage door.

I try to add something new every year so the kids will have something new to discover when they trick or treat my house. It is great spooky fun and I have kept the expense down by adding something once a year.

Halloween has become a very popular holiday with adults. Lots of great costume parties and spooky parades help to make Halloween a fun holiday for all ages.

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