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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Rosie Possibly Related to Chupakabra?

Just thought I would update everyone on the adventures of Rosie the Wonder Dog. Yesterday I viewed the videos of the cop who caught a supposed chupakabra on his dashboard camera. As I watched the animal run down the road I couldn't help but think this thing looks like a dog or a coyote to me. When it turned around slightly and showed its long snout, I thought, well it's a kind of a mixed up breed of coyote and wolf maybe.

Then I looked over at Rosie. Rosie has a long snout. We were told at the animal rescue they believed she was part terrier. So given her long snout, sharp teeth and penchant for chewing through anything she can find, I have decided maybe the other half of her parentage is chupakabra.

Anyway as I was cleaning up in the kitchen last night I kept hearing something rattling in the utility room. I finally decided to investigate. There was Rosie helping herself to a bottle of water from the case of water stored in the utility room. She just looked at me as if to say "What?". I had to laugh in spite of myself.

Then after I had shooed her out of the utility room, I went back to my cleaning. A few minutes later I turned around and there was Rosie chewing up three paper bowls she had pulled out of somewhere. It was at this point the chupakabra theory didn't seem so farfetched. Rosie is a breed all to herself!

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