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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Dog Rosie aka Gator Girl

I thought today I would share some of my adventures with Rosie. Rosie"s picture appears here next to my profile. Rosie came to live with us in March 2008. My 5 year old niece wanted a puppy. Since I strongly believe in adopting pets who need a home, I contacted several pet rescue operations in our area.

We looked at pictures of several dogs and decided to take a trip to a nearby town to meet some of the dogs we were interested in adopting. We looked at several puppies and dogs but Ally, my niece, didn't seem to take to any of them. Then the lady told us there were two little puppies who had been found in the trash. A woman had been fostering them at her home, bottle feeding them. Well we went to her house to see them.

When we drove up the two puppies were in the front yard playing. When we approached them the little black and white one ran up to Ally and began to bite her toes. Ally fell in love with her immediately. The puppy was tiny but had a big potbelly from being bottle fed. So Ally scooped her up, named her Rose and we took her home.

That was only the beginning of our Rosie adventures. Ally and Rosie played very well together and all was well at first. Ally is my brother's daughter. He and his wife are divorced so Ally is only with us every other week in the summer and every other weekend during the school year. So Ally had to go back to her Mom's at the end of the week. So it was decided Rose would stay at my house since my brother works nights and sleeps during the day.

Well Rosie began to grow and grow. She is now bigger than our Cocker Spaniels. So every time Ally returned Rose was bigger and rowdier. She loves to jump and chew. So now she is too much for Ally to handle. So it has come to pass that Rosie is now my dog.

We call her Gator Girl because she has the sharpest teeth I have ever seen on a dog. Any shoe left in the floor is chewed up. This has been a source of contention, since Brittany, my other niece who lives with me, never picks up her shoes or anything else for that matter.

Rosie lopes through life at a happy, unaware of her annoyance factor, pace. She has a constant grin on her face even when she is in trouble. She does not understand the word no. She thinks it means "Let's play some more."

I would pit Rosie up against Marley any day. I think she could take him. I have come home to discover some amazing things Rosie has been up to including, shredded catalogs, shredded bills, chewed up shoes, clothes from the laundry scattered through the house, plants knocked over, the bottom of the dresser chewed up, the bathroom cabinet also chewed on, the curtains pulled down and last but certainly not least one day I came home to find she had crapped on the couch. That is right, she went number two on the sofa. I simply couldn't beleive it, There was Rosie greeting me with her usual goofy grin as if to say "Look what I did!"

We have read every dog behavior modification tip but nothing works with Rosie. Admittedly we work a lot and are not home enough to really reinforce the training but I am not sure it would ever take with Rosie.

With all this I know it sounds strange but I love that naughty dog with all my heart. You just have to laugh and go on.

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