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Monday, August 18, 2008

Christmas in August

I love to do my Christmas shopping early. I hate crowded stores and frenzied last minute shopping trips! Christmas is supposed to be the time of love and peace, but I find many people to be very rude during the Christmas season, especially when trying to grab the last Elmo on the shelf. I can do without it.

I do love the Christmas holiday, however. Some of my best childhood memories are of Christmas time. I can remember the house being filled with the smell of my Grandmother's Christmas cookies. She also made divine Coconut Balls. They just melted in your mouth. We didn't get a lot of toys and gifts but we always got something we wanted. It was a great time.

Anway if you are one of those early Christmas shoppers I have begun listing some great Christmas items. We always have great deals on toys. Check out some of our latest offerings.

Sandra Kuck Kissing Angels Throw

Snoopy Winter Fun Ornaments

Hallmark Howdy Doody Ornaments

Calico Kittens Smart Cookie Figurine

Sandra Kuck Snowman Throw

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