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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tinker Bell

Did you know Tinker Bell made her Disney debut on May 5, 1953. She is still an icon for Disney after all these years. Tinker Bell is perhaps one of the most well known Disney characters. It seems Disney has begun marketing a lot of Tinker Bell items in recent years. Tinker Bell has become a star in her own right eclipsing her much beloved Peter Pan.

I have a lot of great Tinker Bell items in my store. I always look for Disney items I can offer at bargain prices to my customers. I have a great Tinker Bell set listed now. It is never to early to think about Christmas.

Tinker Bell String Lights

Tinker Bell Twin Comforter

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Little Pony Comfy Quilt

I always loved horses when I was a little girl so I really love the My Little Pony items. I particularly like the Pegasus Ponies. They combine fantasy and horses! I have a five year old niece and she is really into horses right now so she likes all the My Little Pony things I have purchased for my Ebay Store.

I have a My Little Pony Comfy Quilt that I just love. It would be so adorable in a nursery. It could fit in with any pony or animal themed nursery. Check it out.

My Little Pony Comfy Quilt

My Little Pony Rainbow Wishes Amusement Park